Day Four – Science and signing out

Of course, it’s all over. Melbourne, you’ve been worthy.

Footscray is heavily influenced by the local Vietnamese
Science is fun!
Bricklane Cafe

Day Three – Sunday

Lissa rocking the Melbourne styles. SO CHIC
A trip wouldn’t be complete without dumplings. Here we have steamed, pan-fried, wantons and buns
Doing her best to emulate the street art
Football at the MCG
High Tea at Cafe Blush

Day Two – Four Seasons

The pleasant (albeit cool) weather greeted us in the morning as we eased into the day.

We started slowly after a long and restful sleep that was perhaps amplified by yesterday’s Phernergan overdose.

“What have you been up to?” “Not Matcha”

The first cafe we visited was a tiny space with a communal table and feel.

A line of carefully dressed people waiting for their morning coffee streamed out the door.

Oddly, there was a degree of privacy as we sipped our morning brew. The coffee formed an impervious bubble around the conversing groups.


We meandered through The Emporium – a multilayered shopping complex.

Here, we brunched at Rustica. A boutique cafe nestled amongst retail outlets.

The Shot Factory, within the shopping centre, rose up many stories
A KitKat store where we made a custom chocolate bar

We visited Chinatown, the old Melbourne Gaol and Federation Square too.

The day ended with dinner with friends and (by sheer coincidence) listening to my brother on his east coast music tour.

Day one – Flawed by Phernergan

We planned on Phernergan being our red-eye saviour.

The anti-histamine is well-known among travellers to evoke sleep and curtail nausea.

But the sleep was sloppy. And worse still, lethargy lurked for the rest of the day!

The day was a good one in spite of this.

We ate good food, experienced the traditional inclement (but tolerable) weather and saw sights, like the Melbourne Museum.

Operator 25 Cafe
Lissa feat. her fluffy drink
Checking the density of these baos


The fashion sense of Melbournian’s stood out. Everyone seemed to put meticulous care into their choice of outfits.

Lissa slotted right in with her trackies!

Melbourne in May

Balancing future ambitions with making the most of the present is tough.

Traveling to far off places remains a goal. But to drop everything and do so is not an easy decision. While it would be great in the short term there would almost certainly be drawbacks in the long run.

So shorter, smaller trips – like this trip to Melbourne provides a nice middleground. It’s somewhere different (though not altogether foreign). It breaks up the routine. And it will pose some challenges – as is the case with all travel (stretching our comforts).

What for?

Does there have to be an aim for travel? Not really. Making the most of a new space, growing together, learning a bit more about each other and the world are lessons enough.

We have a rough itinerary centred around food, football, friends and food.

There are many breakfast and brunch locations we plan on exploiting. A football game (a new experience for Lissa) too. A gig that features my Perth-based brother (a staggering coincidence!). And time with old friends.

Fluidity is paramount though.

The weather mightn’t be good. Or, a cafe may be closed. Or, circumstances may take us down another route.

So, join us as we explore Melbourne. The city with the biggest Greek population outside of Athens. The city which was once Australia’s capital. The city which was originally going to be named Batmania.

Melbourne ready!